Who is AntiRetroviral Man?

Art4art have created a cartoon around the idea of a superhero who champions antiretroviral treatment. The goal is to communicate with children from the age of 6 to 18, to use the cartoon as a vehicle for AIDS related messages. In the first episode, “The Birth of a Superhero” the audience is introduced to little Musa, a boy in Lusaka who has found out he is HIV positive. He is desperate and ready to give up when he is saved by AntiRetroviral Man who explains to him how he, AntiRetroviral Man himself, coped with the disease and how he became a super hero: faster, stronger and better!

Watch the first episode of AntirRetrovial Man

Watch the second episode of AntirRetrovial Man

Children will easily pick up the message of how anti retroviral treatment not only makes you healthy but also how to treat others with respect. AntiRetroviral Man in following episodes of the cartoon will fight his arch enemies Stigma Man, Miss Information and Miss Conception, with the help of his faithful sidekick Adherence Girl.

Cartoons can be an useful and effective tool in the prevention of HIV infection. Many AIDS related issues can be addressed in a effective way with the AntiRetroviral Man.